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Mingo Economic Development Corporation

1.Meeting called to order by President Hoskins at 5:31 pm with approval of agenda by Perry & 2nd by Goaley-Pleggenkuhle. Members present:  Hoskins, Kenney, Bartels, Perry, Rhone, Goaley-Pleggenkuhle & Phelps.  Absent Bode, Ratliff & Morris. 
2.Motion by Perry & 2nd by Goaley-Pleggenkuhle to approve previous minutes.
3.Treasurer’s report remains the same at $342.15.
4.Roger Wheeler updated board members on prior meeting with Jay Cowman & Chris Dawson, both with Platinum Builders.  Very interested in project and was a good meeting.  Roger was hoping for an update from them prior to this meeting, but with 2 holidays and a blizzard and bitter cold, everyone got a little behind.  He is still in communication with them.  Platinum is going thru finances in regards to the project and we will hopefully have an update soon.
5.Scott Renaud will be working with them in regards to some engineering questions.  Will probably still have to give up at least a couple of lots, because of terrain.  Bob Rhone gave some insight into options for adding water to the new area.  He suggested a booster pump for just that section.  He agrees to stay away from pressure tanks inside of homes.  Kenney had spoken with Jim Utter, cities operator-in-charge and he thinks the only option is to loop to the tank, getting rid of dead ends will benefit the entire City.  Will coordinate a time to get Jim to a meeting.
6.Hoskins gave updates from Jeff Davidson. 
7.Motion by Goaley-Pleggenkuhle & 2nd by Perry to adjourn meeting.  President Hoskins adjourns at 6:23 PM.

MEDCO meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning at 5:30 pm.