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100 N. Station Street |Mingo, IA 50168

1.Meeting called to order by President Hoskins at 5:31 pm with approval of agenda by Perry & 2nd by Ratliff. Members present:  Hoskins, Kenney, Perry, Phelps, Morris.  Absent was: Bode, Rhone, Goaley-Pleggenkuhle & Bartels. 
2.Motion by Perry& 2nd by Ratliff to approve previous minutes.
3.Treasurer’s report remains the same at $342.15.
4.Roger Wheeler gave updates.  The dollar amount for the first phase is approximately $750,000 now.  Have decided to have 11 lots.  He still thinks the market is pretty good.
5.Scott Renaud gave updates.  Still no one looking for work right now.  The soonest anyone would be available is July or August.  Scott is going to go ahead and design the whole area, so is ready when we are done with phase one.  Mentioned that he may need to turn some billing into the City since it is kind of dragging on.  Will work on the updates that the Recorder’s office requested.  Signs lead to being a Spring of 2024 start.
6.Larry Opfer with State Savings Bank was here.  Interest rates are up for the possible loan, he would not even be able to take to the committee to look at until a minimum of 4 lots are sold up front.  The interest would have to be paid each year, even before project is completed.
7.Catalyst Grant updates.  Tim Freeman is making progress.  Maher’s still waiting for their contractor to begin work.
8.Jeff Davidson was not present.  Scott gave JEDCO updates.
9.Motion by Perry & 2nd by Morris to adjourn meeting.  President Hoskins adjourns at 6:28 PM.

MEDCO meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning at 5:30 pm.

Mingo Economic Development Corporation